Reasons why you should move with us:

  1. With us you are dealing with a real Swiss company that pays its employees fairly.
  2. We speak German, French and English
  3. We are socially committed to you
  4. You will receive a realistic assessment from us and no decoy offers
  5. Your valuables are handled by trained staff with the appropriate ones Materials packed.

We would be happy to be able to work for you and are available for questions and We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.
Greifumzuge specializes in private and company removals Moving company. Greifumzuge has been established on the moving company market for many years
proud to be able to count numerous satisfied customers among their regular customers.
Especially in the hotly contested moving industry, this shows that our customers with our expertise and honesty in advice as well as punctuality and
Reliability in carrying out the removals are satisfied. Even after the move, we are there for our customers. The final cleaning with
Acceptance guarantee from Greifumzuge enables our customers to directly after Start moving with the furnishing of the new apartment and not deal with that
Stop cleaning the old apartment and handing it over to the landlord have to. Other services such as professional storage and furniture transport
as well as clearing out, clearing and professional disposal complete the offer of services related to moving. insurance If, contrary to expectations, your private or company move does result in damage
comes, these are regulated unbureaucratically with the right insurance. Basically, all furniture, removal boxes and removal goods are in transit
Insured against all accidents in the moving truck by our transport insurance.

However, it can already be used during loading, unloading or assembly Damage occurs that is not covered by the transport insurance. Out
For this reason, we also recommend taking out an all-round Risk insurance. Your removal goods are available for a small flat fee insured for all damage during the move.
Unbureaucratic help from the insurance company in the event of a claim. In the event of a claim, the aim is to achieve fast settlement.

For this reason if the insurance company suggests repairing the damaged property first, if this is economically viable. Should the removal goods when moving
are completely damaged, the insurance covers the current value. Also if you no longer have original receipts for the furniture and furnishings
own, the value can be determined via various platforms on the Internet.


We are a subsidiary of Greifumzuge and have 100% of cleaning and want the BEST and in this area be the CHEAPEST.
We have been offering extensive facility services for companies since 2018. That includes
classic office cleaning, cleaning of companies, industrial buildings, medical practices
or law firms. For us, the focus is on the customer and a high quality service
is our DNA. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer soon allowed to.

What you can expect from us: Perfectly crafted work with environmentally friendly products,
a courteous service and fair prices. In short: we work cleanly, are on time and you can fully rely on leave us.

General terms and conditions
We work according to the general moving conditions of the ASTAG furniture transport department.